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Originally published in OUTTALINE Magazine Issue 01

On the origin of Way Cool.

It’s 2012, grade 12, and [Martin Sole’s] brother got him a keyboard to make beats with and all the software. He makes his first beat called Kickass, and we’re so hyped on it because it’s his first beat and it actually sounds good. I wrote something to it and, long story short, we’re like ‘we should make music’.

One day we’re in the foyer at school during lunch and these girls had these stickers because they’re going to visit their neighboring school, which is the elementary school Conestoga, and talk to the kids about high school and what not. They had stickers for these kids and one of the stickers has Way Cool on it. Me and [Martin] start dying, like it’s the funniest shit... Then [Martin] is like ‘we have to go by Way Cool’ because that name is so shit. I was so with it, like yeah we’re calling it Way Cool, we’re Way Cool.  

Way Cool in three words:

We’re up next.

What is your writing process like?

Any writer will tell you the process varies. Usually when I write I listen to the beat, I freestyle, I get words down, single words or ideas, and I build from there. I build from an idea, I build from one bar. I just try to structure the best that I can, it’s like making cocaine. A lot of filtering, a lot of stuff you put in, and a lot of stuff you take out to make the best product. 

On Way Cool’s writing.

When it comes to Way Cool we have the best writing in the city. The best pen. Me, Jordan, and Josh collectively have a better pen than any group in the city. That’s just facts. 


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How is the environment in Way Cool regarding constructive criticism?

There’s no ‘yes man’ shit at all. If there’s one yes man, the product is flawed. You have to be honest. If [what you make] is shit we’ll roast you. You have to be militant when it comes to the music because if you let something slip it’s going to become a habit. Then your bar gets lowered for what you think is good. 

Which Way Cool tracks do you guys play the most?

The Way Cool favorite right now is Sonic, it’s unreleased. You’ll hear it soon. It’s me, Jordan, and Josh on one track and we’re all barring out. No filler bars. It’s fucked up. [Martin Sole] produced it. 

We play the newest song we record, or we run through our discography at random. Before Sonic, it was probably Michael Scott. Or it was me because I have so much unreleased music. Because man, I’m a hoarder, I have so much music people will never hear. 

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Photo by @whissellmedia/@austinwhissell


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