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Originally published in OUTTALINE Magazine Issue 01

How did you first get into beat-making?

Early high school is when I started. I guess Grade 10. There was a bunch of people that wanted to start a music production club, and they had a crack of Reason 5. I downloaded that and started fucking around, but even before that I would download random programs off the internet and use those. 

What is your mindset when you are making a beat?

Usually it begins with ‘I want to get one cool sound down’, and go from there. Usually that first sound won’t make it in the final version, it will get changed almost completely. I’ll have a feeling I wanna try to convey, a sound that I have sitting around that I want to try and build off of, but it changes every time. 

What piece of equipment would you like to add to your studio?

Some kind of synthesizer, an analog synthesizer. I have a few in mind, they’re just expensive as fuck. 

What are your thoughts on sampling?

I always loved sample beats, Madlib is one of the best producers of all time. I’ve definitely started to sample more. I used to want to build every sound from scratch, and have it very specific. [Sampling] is definitely an art in and of itself, as cliché as that is. I was watching some video and the guy [said] ‘the great thing about sampling is that not you or the person you’re sampling could come up with that final product.’ It takes both of you to make that final product, and I think that’s a dope way to look at it.

How did you start sampling sounds with your phone?

It’s not a new idea or anything. I read about people using random-ass sounds to make shit, then I just started. I was getting sick of the sounds I had so I just started recording stuff off my phone. Something like 650 sounds that I have recorded off my phone at this point. 

Producers who you look up to?

All the Atlanta trap guys are beasts, Southside and Mike Will are some of the best producers of this generation. Metro is great as well. That’s what I’ve been listening to so much the last few years, I just fuck with those guys heavy. 

 Musical Influences?

Anybody who is trying to innovate. 

On co-creating James Wesson’s sound.

It’s been a journey, almost a year and a half journey. I remember when we started linking up and I told [Dunner] we have a similar vision in our heads of the type of shit we want to make but we attack it at very different angles. That’s starting to come to fruition. Him coming from that super musical, super technical music background, and then me coming from being alone in my living room just doing whatever sounds cool. It’s a very cool blend. It’s a vision that keeps coming more and more into focus every day. 

Can we expect a project from universes in 2018?

Literally what I was working on right now, me and [Kevin Fall] are going to collab on an audio-visual thing, I’m actually geeked up, it’s sounding sick. It’s going to be 10-15 minutes of music with an accompanying video, I’m excited for it. 

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Photo and interview by @conordunner.


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